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Magical Unicorn by Arthur Reinders Folmer

Love is magical, and what’s more magical than unicorns? Magical Unicorn Neue Pro is for people with a healthy unicorn obsession. Now you can profess your love to anyone with this cute and quirky color font.

Available To Download 2/13

Starting February 11, we’re giving away a free color font every day for use in Illustrator or InDesign:

Valentines Color Fonts

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’ve got free color fonts just for you!

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Criolla Nueva by Vanessa Zúñiga

Criolla Nueva is inspired by the visual signs and symbols of original Latin American cultures. This font shows how  ancient symbols can be redefined in a contemporary design that evokes the fantasy, love, and joy.

Available To Download 2/14

Coba by Joshua Krecioch

Nothing is more romantic than red roses for Valentine’s Day. This sans serif color typeface is bold and fun. Red roses are accented by dark, lush foliage, and it is a perfect way to add a little edge to your headlines.

Available To Download 2/15

Sansterdam Color by Andriy Dykun

Sansterdam Color is regal, yet playful and fun. The font is simple and expressive. It is a perfect decorative font for getting your message across. 

Available To Download 2/12

Mad Type by Adhemas Batista

The ancient Greeks called love, “the madness of the the gods,” and nothing is more fitting to describe Batista’s Mad Type Color Font. It is eccentric and bold—a mesmerizing blend of patterns and rich colors. 

Available To Download 2/11

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